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Filipino Designers

FILIPINO PRIDE REIGNS. Furne One is one of the Filipino designers making waves in Hollywood. Photo from Furne Amato

CRAFTSMANSHIP, UNDENIABLY FILIPINO. Katy Perry wears the designs of Filipino Furne One, under his brand Amato Couture. Screen grab from YouTube

Filipino designers shine in London charity show

Inno Sotto

Michael Carandang

 JC Buendia

Paris lovin’ Filipino designers

Filipina-British model and VJ Georgina Wilson will be joining the ranks of top Filipino designers Michael Cinco and Oliver Tolentino as she is set to make an appearance ‘America’s Next Top Model.’

Filipino designer brings third-world fashion to the global scene

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars contestants wear Oliver Tolentino

Another Filipino Designer Takes on ANTM

Posted on the 29 April 2012 by Epitome_of_beauty

Hello Kitty couture made by Francis Libiran, a Filipino designer. He’s one of those world class designers like, Michael Cinco (Cycle 16 Eco Couture, Cycle 17 Finale Dresses) and Oliver Tolentino (Cycle 18 Opening Outfits) who was featured on the show.


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